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More than 90% of people have exposure to BPA. BPA have spread to most elements of our lives: in the containers our food comes in, in the plastic bottles we drink water from, in the packaging of our cleaning products and shampoos. High BPA exposure can cause hormone imbalances, infertility, migraines and various other harmful effects.  

With BPA Chex™️, you can learn your unique BPA tolerance levels and obtain an aspirational amount to reduce your BPA levels down to. Understanding how high your exposure to these toxins are is an essential step to building a healthier, better you.  

Signs of high BPA exposure include:

• Hormonal imbalances
• Reproductive issues
• Increased blood pressure
• Frequent headaches & migraines
• Chronic fatigue
• Regular mood swings

  • Frozen Urine
  • 2 Days


What Can I Do About My Results?

If your BPA Chex™️ results indicate high levels of BPA, booking a program of monitored and regular Infrared Sauna can help reduce your BPA levels. The deep, penetrating heat generated by infrared saunas induces sweating, a natural process that eliminates toxins, including BPA, through the skin.

Our Wellness Companions understand the importance of personalized approaches to addressing BPA toxicity. By consulting with one of our experienced Wellness Companions, you can kickstart your tailored BPA-reduction plan, designed to optimize your health and well-being.

Turn Your Test Results Into Real Results

With optional additional counselling, our experts can help you understand your results and give expert recommendations on improving your health and lifestyle.



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