OncoSeq® C - 12-Gene Preventative Cancer Screening


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OncoSeq® Cancer Screening tests Genetic Reports are based on state-of-the art analysis of your DNA at highly accredited laboratories to give you an easy-to-understand report.

The reports are designed, compiled and reviewed by a team of medical genetic professionals who examine each case carefully and ensure the quality and simplicity of the results. The reports are also supplemented with optional genetic and medical counseling for high-risk individuals.

  • Perephiral Blood
  • 3-4 Weeks


OncoSeq® - Gene Report

• Breast-ovarian cancer
• Medulloblastoma
• Breast adenocarcinoma
• Prostate cancer
• Brain tumor-polyposis syndrome
• Adenomatous polyposis coli
• Gardner syndrome
• Lynch syndrome
• Colorectal cancer
• Li-Fraumeni syndrome
• Fanconi anemia
• Mismatch repair cancer syndrome
vAdenomas, multiple colorectal

Prevention is always better than early detection!

OncoSeq offers a comprehensive range of molecular genetic analysis reports that help identify genetic variations that could be associated with cancer development.

Turn Your Test Results Into Real Results

With optional additional counselling, our experts can help you understand your results and give expert recommendations on improving your health and lifestyle.



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