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Does your body respond better to carbs or fats? Do you get enough vitamins from your food or do you need supplements? Whats missing from your nutrition to have the perfect diet? And why do some diets work better for you than others? 
Find out the answers to your questions and more and see what your genes have to say about your nutritional habits and requirements! Transform your diet and nutrition by unlocking the secrets of your DNA with Eatwellgx™️.
Eatwellgx™️ will help you understand how genetics influence your nutrient requirements and eating behaviors. Gain insight into how you can optimize your diet and nutrition for the best results using your DNA, learn your body's responses to certain foods and food intolerance and know your unique vitamin and mineral requirements with a simple DNA test! 

    With Eatwellgx™️, you can gain insights into:

    • Your ability to intake carbohydrate and fats
    • Your requirements for a healthy cholesterol profile
    • Your unique eating behaviors
    • Your body's response to certain foods
    • Your vitamin and mineral intake tendencies
    • Your body’s natural detoxification ability
    • Your unique food sensitivities

    Eatwellgx™️ is perfect for you if you are:

    • Struggling to maintain a healthy diet
    • Not getting your desired results from your diets
    • Passionate about personalizing your diet to your DNA
    • Wanting to know your genetic requirements for minerals and vitamins
    • Trying to maintain a healthy cholesterol profile through nutrition
    • Trying to maintain your heart health through nutrition
    • Curious about your body's detoxification abilities
    • Curious about your unique food sensitivities

    • Saliva / Buccal Swab
    • 3-4 Weeks

    Livewellgx™ delivers personalized, easy to understand, lifestyle genetics reports that provide knowledge and insight into your genetic makeup. Your genes are made up of DNA which carry information that determine your traits, in everything from your diet, fitness, reaction to medicines and so much more.

    Through the power of knowing your DNA, Livewellgx™️ enables people to make the better choices for their lifestyle and health.


    A Comprehensive Report

    Livewellgx™️ Features

    ✓ Energy Management

    ✓ Weight Management

    ✓ Cholesterol Profile

    ✓ Heart Health

    ✓ Eating Behavior

    ✓ Sugar Preference

    ✓ Taste Buds

    ✓ Water-Soluble Vitamin Requirements

    ✓ Fat-Soluble Vitamin Requirements

    ✓ Macro-Mineral Requirements

    ✓ Trace-Mineral Requirements

    ✓ Detoxification Ability

    ✓ Antioxidant Defense System

    ✓ Food Sensitivities

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