Treatwellgx™️ - Medicine Response DNA Report


Dhs. 649

Are you wondering why certain medicines work for others but not you? Worried about negative side-effects from medications? Curious about your body's responses to certain drugs and substances? Could you be more prone to addiction than others? Are you sensitive to caffeine?  

Find out the answers to your questions and more and see what your genes have to say about your body's responses to medications and substances.
Treatwellgx™️ will help you understand how genetics influences your body’s response to medications and substances. Gain insight into your medicinal allergies, your sleepiness and alertness in response to substances, your risk for addiction, your reactions to medications, your bodily responses to caffeine, and more with a simple DNA test! 

    With Treatwellgx™️, you can gain insights into:

    • Your response to the most commonly prescribed medications
    • Your tendencies for addictions and substance dependance
    • Your reactions to caffeine and nicotine-based products
    • Your reactions to hormonal contraceptives
    • Your reactions to vitamins and supplements

    Treatwellgx™️ is perfect for you if you are:

    • Constantly battling infections and inflammation
    • Curious about how to improve the health of your immune system
    • Curious about your risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease
    • Wanting to take prevention steps to disease development
    • Wanting to learn your genetic requirements for micronutrients and trace minerals to boost your immune system

    • Saliva / Buccal Swab
    • 3-4 Weeks

    Livewellgx™ delivers personalized, easy to understand, lifestyle genetics reports that provide knowledge and insight into your genetic makeup. Your genes are made up of DNA which carry information that determine your traits, in everything from your diet, fitness, reaction to medicines and so much more.

    Through the power of knowing your DNA, Livewellgx™️ enables people to make the better choices for their lifestyle and health.


    A Comprehensive Report

    Livewellgx™️ Features

    ✓ Allergy

    ✓ Analgesics & Antipyretics (more than 30 genetic hotspots)

    ✓ Antibiotics

    ✓ Caffeine

    ✓ Alcohol (more than 10 genetic hotspots)

    ✓ Nicotine dependence/ Smoking cessation (more than 15 genetic hotspots)

    ✓ Sleepiness/Alertness

    ✓ Vitamins/Supplements

    ✓ Analgesics & Antipyretics toxicity (more than 25 genetic hotspots),

    ✓ Caffeine toxicity

    ✓ Hormonal contraceptives

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