Immuwellgx™️ - Immunity DNA Report


Dhs. 649

How capable is your body at battling infection? Are you predisposed to diabetes or cardiovascular diseases? Is your immune system weaker than most? Are you meeting your genetic minerals requirements for a healthy immune system?  

Find out the answers to your questions and more and see what your genes have to say about your immune health! Learn which steps to take to maintain a healthy immune system and prevent developing health conditions as you age by unlocking the secrets of your DNA with Immuwellgx™️.

mmuwellgx™️ will help you understand how your genetics influence your immune system, gut, and risk for infection and inflammation. Gain insight into the health of your immune system, your risk of developing diseases and battling inflammation and more with a simple DNA test! 

    With Immuwellgx™️, you can gain insights into:

    • Your immune system health
    • Your infection risk
    • Your unique inflammatory markers
    • Your genetic requirements for trace minerals for enhancing your immune system
    • Your genetic requirements for micronutrient intake

    Immuwellgx™️ is perfect for you if you are:

    • Constantly battling infections and inflammation
    • Curious about how to improve the health of your immune system
    • Curious about your risk for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease
    • Wanting to take prevention steps to disease development
    • Wanting to learn your genetic requirements for micronutrients and trace minerals to boost your immune system

    • Saliva / Buccal Swab
    • 3-4 Weeks

    Livewellgx™ delivers personalized, easy to understand, lifestyle genetics reports that provide knowledge and insight into your genetic makeup. Your genes are made up of DNA which carry information that determine your traits, in everything from your diet, fitness, reaction to medicines and so much more.

    Through the power of knowing your DNA, Livewellgx™️ enables people to make the better choices for their lifestyle and health.


    A Comprehensive Report

    Livewellgx™️ Features

    ✓ Immune Boosting Cell Levels

    ✓ Infection Resistance

    ✓ Heart Health

    ✓ Predisposition to Diabetes

    ✓ Inflammation Resistance

    ✓ Micronutrients and Immunity

    ✓ Resistance to SARS Viral Infections

    ✓ Acute Phase Reactant Levels

    ✓ Inflammatory Markers

    ✓ Haemoglobin Concentrations

    ✓ Blood Oxygen Levels

    ✓ Trace Minerals and Immunity

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