Gut Chex™️ - Gut Microbiome Analysis

Precision Chex™️

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Did you know that your hair, skin, fatigue, migraines and so much more could be caused by a gut imbalance? Discover your gut microbiome health and unlock the secret to a healthy gut with Gut Chex™️.
Your gut contains certain bacteria that must exist in certain quantities for the gut to function optimally. Gut Chex™️ analyzes your gut microbiome for these essential bacteria, detecting when they fall above or below the optimal range and providing detailed insight into their abundance and classification. Gut Chex™️ also analyzes the diversity of your gut microbiome, uncovering the quantities of healthy bacterial populations in your gut. Knowing the current condition of your gut is key to begin your wellness and healing journey. Find out what's going on in your gut today with Gut Chex™️!  

Signs you may need Gut Chex™️ are:

• Chronic fatigue
• Migraines and headaches
• Regular digestive issues
• Nutrient deficiencies
• Frequent infections
• Constant sugar cravings
• Skin disorders and acne
• Weight fluctuations
• Brain fog & difficult concentrating
• Diagnosed with leaky gut
• Suffering from digestive pains

• Essential step in healing gut microbiome
• Clinical associations for detected irregularities
• Diversity index of gut bacteria populations
• Diet recommendations and expert nutritional counselling available
• Detect causes for low metabolism
• Promote weight loss and health improvement
• Restore balance to gut microbiome using actionable results
• Gain insight into conditions like leaky gut

  • Stool
  • 10-20 Days


What Can I Do About My Results?

Restoring balance to an imbalanced gut is within reach with our specialized expertise in gut health and cutting-edge technologies. Our expert nutritional recommendations are designed to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of healthy bacteria, enriching gut diversity to optimal levels. Additionally, our Wellness Companions offer guidance on incorporating powerful supplements like postbiotics, aiding in gut healing and restoration.

Through our innovative protocols such as Total Gut Restoration and advanced technologies like PBM (Photobiomodulation), we address gut imbalances comprehensively. These interventions not only promote gut health but also have far-reaching benefits, enhancing mood, concentration, immune function, and more.

Elevating your gut health with our tailored approach is paramount to achieving optimal health and wellness. Experience the transformative impact of our expertise, specialized postbiotics, and cutting-edge tools in optimizing your well-being to its highest potential.

Turn Your Test Results Into Real Results

With optional additional counselling, our experts can help you understand your results and give expert recommendations on improving your health and lifestyle.



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