Functional Chex™️ Comp - Functional Health Report

Functional Chex™️

Dhs. 3,000

Do your lab tests show if your body is functioning optimally?  

Functional Chex™️ is more than your typical health report: it's a comprehensive report that explores 120+ parameters to delve beyond surface level symptoms and gain deep and clear insights into your current health state.  

While standard lab tests only cover the disease range, Functional Chex™️ explores your optimal range to identify potential health risks before they manifest as diseases. Analyzing your health from the perspective of optimal function rather than simply being sick or not sick, provides invaluable insights for preventative care, helps detect hidden diseases.  

With detailed physician insights and comparisons between optimal and lab ranges, Functional Chex™️ offers clinical associations, linking dysfunctions to potential diagnoses or underlying causes.  

Functional Chex™️ is a complete and comprehensive health overview that goes beyond the standard lab ranges and delves into optimal ranges to give a comprehensive overview of your current health state. Standard lab tests only cover what is known as a disease range: if your lab results are not low enough to cause disease then they are not reported as a cause for concern. However, this functional health report.

• Individuals interested in extending lifespan
• Those wishing to preventing disease
• People seeking to uncover root causes of health concerns
• Patients interested in preventative care
• Individuals wanting to understand their health beyond the binary of sick or not sick
• Individuals looking to improve their quality of life and health state
• Doctors looking to understand their patients more comprehensively

• 120+ Parameters
• Discover hidden disease roots
• Explore optimal ranges for early detection
• Understand health comprehensively
• Facilitate preventative care
• Detailed physician insights
• Comparision of optimal to lab ranges
• Clinical associations for easier diagnosis

  • Perephiral Blood
  • 3 Days


What Can I Do About My Results?

Your Functional Chex™️ report results provide our Precision Team with a comprehensive understanding of your current health status, analyzing over 100 markers to assess various aspects of your well-being. These insights enable us to tailor precise plans for enhancing your diet, health, fitness, and more. By leveraging this data, we can craft a personalized treatment plan designed to optimize your blood markers and overall health.

Connect with a Wellness Companion today to embark on a transformative program aimed at unlocking your body's full potential. Experience the opportunity to live life to the fullest in every aspect, empowered by targeted interventions tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Turn Your Test Results Into Real Results

With optional additional counselling, our experts can help you understand your results and give expert recommendations on improving your health and lifestyle.



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