Age Chex™️ - Biological Age Test

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Do you know how old you actually are? It's time you found out!
Discover your biological age with Age Chex™️, a bespoke specialty test that compares your predicted biological age to your chronological age. Reveal the pace at which your cells are aging and pave the way to reverse-aging strategies to extend your health-span and improve your quality of life with this unique genetic test. 

Age Chex™️ is perfect for those who are:

• Interested in longevity and extending health span
• Interested in anti-aging
• Looking to promote a healthier lifestyle
• Interested in knowing real-time results of reverse-aging techniques
• Have a history of familial health concerns and looking to prevent disease
• Living sedentary lifestyles looking for motivation to improve health
• Athletes and fitness enthusiasts curious about the results of their health lifestyles

With Age Chex™️, you can:

• Support reverse-aging
• Promote a healthier lifestyle
• Understand your personal health
• Support more targeted fitness strategies
• Promote cellular rejuvenation and renewal strategies
• View results of healing solutions in live time
• Prevent cancer and disease prevention by improving lifestyle

  • Perephiral Blood / Saliva
  • 3-4 Days


What Can I Do About My Results?

Delve into the forefront of wellness with our cutting-edge treatments and personalized protocols designed to reverse your biological age. By leveraging innovative technologies and tailored interventions, we craft a bespoke healing and fitness regimen aimed at rejuvenating your cells, enhancing your lifestyle, and mitigating the risk of diseases like cancer. Explore the transformative potential of Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation, Whole Body Photobiomodulation, and more by connecting with a Wellness Companion.

Turn Your Test Results Into Real Results

With optional additional counselling, our experts can help you understand your results and give expert recommendations on improving your health and lifestyle.



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